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ADHD Assessment

Our clinicians are highly experienced and trained to assess and formally diagnose ADHD, and offer post-diagnostic support.

Why go with us?

  • Our assessors have worked with neurodiversity for decades. 

  • We have completed relevant training by the UK Adult ADHD Network (UKAAN) and the ACE+ Diagnostic Interview. 

  • We have links to private prescribers if you would like to consider ADHD medication. 

  • We understand the range in ADHD presentations, especially the recent understandings of ADHD burnout, masking, and how females with ADHD may present differently to males. 

ADHD Screening

You will be emailed a screening pack which consists of a number of standardised questionnaires. This is to see whether enough traits are present to warrant a full diagnostic assessment. If required, we can arrange a brief telephone call or book in a one hour screening session.


ADHD Assessment

Assessment is conducted in a 2 hour session. This can be at the practice in Dorset or carried out virtually. We use a series of assessment tools including semi-structured clinical interviewing along with the Diagnostic Interview for ADHD in Adults Version 5 (DIVA-5). Where possible, we will gather information from a 3rd party perspective (e.g., parent, spouse, partner, sibling). This is not essential but can prove helpful for the assessment. It is important to note that we offer psychological assessment and formal diagnosis only and are not able to prescribe medication post-assessment. We do have links with private prescribers that can help with medication which we can put you in touch with following a diagnosis.


ADHD Report

The clinician will review all the information gathered and map that against the DSM-V diagnostic criteria. A comprehensive report will then be produced and emailed to you. The wait for the report is typically two weeks. The report will include a detailed analysis of the assessment content, a formulation, an outcome (e.g. diagnosis or no diagnosis), and tailored recommendations. If you do not meet the criteria for a formal diagnosis, there is always a formulation as to why not and what else might be going on instead (e.g., mental health condition, alternative neurodevelopmental condition).


ADHD Feedback

Once you have received your report, we will arrange a time for a feedback session to explore the outcome and suggested recommendations in the report. This session can be face to face in Dorset or virtual. We can also focus on areas such as disclosure to others, education, workplace, and post-diagnostic interventions. 

Get in Touch

Send us a message today to begin the process.

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