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All reviews have been submitted by real people that we have supported. We hope it can give you an idea of the kind of care we deliver.

Thank you for sharing your experience with us. 

I went in to the assessment worrying that I'd be misunderstood, but afterwards I felt like everything I said was listened to and taken in. I think hardly anything was left unaddressed and I felt really comfortable and unjudged the whole time. All my questions were answered and I was given resources afterwards for what I could do next, which have been helpful. It was an overall really positive experience in which not only did I feel heard, but I learned a lot too. The interior decorating was also really nice. One thing I especially liked was that I was never kept in the dark - I always was aware of what was happening and what was going to happen next the whole time, as well as what it would mean for the overall assessment.
 I recently saw Neil for an ASD assessment. I had been wondering if ASD could explain some of the challenges I have had in my life and even though I'm in my fifties I wanted to know for certain. I found Neil easy to talk to and respectful, enabling me to share things I normally keep to myself. I thought the assessment was very thorough, Neil produced a detailed report as well as a short version, and we had a follow up session to talk about next steps. I'm so pleased I went ahead with the assessment and I would certainly recommend Neil to others.
Very thorough assessment and has changed my life... I now have explanations for the way I am. Dr Drew showed me the utmost respect and compassion throughout and explained everything I needed him to expand on. 5/5 and would highly recommend.
Neil carried out an autism assessment for me. I found him supportive, thoughtful and professional. The assessment was reasonably priced, and showed a good awareness of the most up-to-date thinking about autistic people and the struggles they face living in a neurotypical world. Highly recommended.
Couldn’t have asked for a more knowledgeable and thorough assessment from Dr Drew and team! He was easy to talk to, which made the whole process so much easier. Since my diagnosis I've felt a lot more at peace with myself, no more imposter syndrome and to be validated after a lifetime of confusion is worth every penny. Thank you!
I was nervous to undertake the whole process but Dr Drew was calm and was happy to talk me through everything and answer all my questions never making me feel silly for asking. I am so pleased I got the assessment it has already given me a clearer sense of myself.
I would more than highly recommend Neil. He has a wonderful way of making you feel relaxed and able to talk openly. I suffered for many years with depression and anxiety and felt that I never quite "fitted" in and felt different to others. I thought there was more going on than just the anxiety and depression so I contacted Neil for his professional advice and guidance. This led to a diagnosis of ASD and ongoing psychological therapy.
It was great to be able to share my experiences with you as it felt good to just 'unburden' myself of all this stuff. I am doing much better than I was when we first started talking. I have found out sessions helpful. I appreciate all you have done; having a safe space to be emotional was very powerful for me.
I thoroughly recommend Dr Neil Drew. He created such a safe, unstressful and conducive environment and atmosphere for my recent ASD assessment. It was a surprisingly pleasant and positive experience and not in the least distressing or the cause for any anxiety whatsoever. I felt so supported and unpressured at every step of the process, from my initial email of enquiry through to the actual assessment itself. Thank you so much Dr Neil.
 I'm glad I found Neil Drew when I did. He has helped me come to terms with a lot, including a previous ASD diagnosis, and helped me understand the reality of autism and my relationship with the diagnosis. I was in a difficult and painful place with issues such as OCD, anxiety and guilt. Neil has been instrumental in supporting and guiding me with my troubles and getting to a state where I am am adding things I value back into my life, and taking steps towards a life I want to live. Having the communication about sessions and sometimes spacing them out has helped me grow into each change I am making. I will continue sessions with Neil because I feel very comfortable and because of how he has adapted to what I have needed in each part of my journey so far. I'm feeling hopeful about my future.
Dr Neil Drew could not have been more helpful reassuring and professional in the assessment process. He is able to put you at such ease in order for you to relax and allow you to open up about and explore your past, in order to make the best assessment and possible treatment going forward. I can highly recommend him and his practice. Thank you.
From my initial enquiry to the actual assessment with Dr Neil Drew, I felt supported at every stage of the process. Even though I was incredibly nervous ahead of the first session, my nerves soon went away, along with any fear of judgment or non-belief. Neil reassured me that I wasn’t alone in seeking a relatively late diagnosis (I’m 46). Neil clearly outlined the process and from the beginning I felt clear about what to expect from the assessment. He guided me through the sessions with patience, understanding, respect and non-judgment. I felt comfortable throughout and able to share things I would normally keep to myself. The resultant report was very thorough, as were the accompanying resources. My husband joined me for a follow up session with Neil which we both got a huge amount out of. I'm so pleased I underwent my ASD assessment. I plan to have some follow-up sessions with Neil at some point, which I know will also be hugely beneficial when it comes to my ASD identity. I thoroughly recommend Dr Neil Drew. 
I would like to take this opportunity to thank both Neil from Neuropsychologydorset and his associate, Jess the clinician who carried out my ASD assessment, for making the process from my initial enquiries via the website, through to the various stages of assessment very straightforward. I received a very helpful, knowledgable, accommodating and professional service. I would not hesitate to recommend this organisation to anyone seeking an adult autism assessment. As a 60 year old female, having now been diagnosed as being on the ASD spectrum, I have at last, answers to longstanding questions. I now, at last, have explanations for past events and experiences that occurred at various stages of my life. Such an enormous sense of relief. No more self-blaming for things that I now know were not down to personal failings, being 'weak-willed' or any other such labels myself and others may have put on me. Once more, thank you to Neuropsychology Dorset from L.V.
After decades of feeling misunderstood and invalidated, I'm so glad that I found Neuropsychology Dorset and sought ASD assessment. Jess was warm and supportive, and made a nerve-wracking experience completely manageable - can't recommend her enough. I felt like there was enough time and space for me to input as much as I wanted, and this experience has allowed me to begin to understand myself. There's now a little bit of self-compassion, where before there was only self-criticism. I wish I'd have done this sooner! Thank you so much.
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